Monday, February 19, 2018

February 20th to February 23, 2018

This Week in Grade One

Tuesday February 20th

Wednesday February 21st *Art Show 10-7 pm today

Thursday February 22nd * Library

Friday February 23rd *Sports Spirit Day - wear your favourite sports team wear!

We celebrated the 100th Day of School

What We May Look Like at 100 Years of Age

Monday, February 5, 2018

It Is Almost the 100th Day of School!

We have been working on being responsible students.  

This Week in Grade One

Tuesday February 6       *Popcorn for sale

Wednesday February 7 *Winter Walk to School Day

Friday February 9 * The 100th Day of School

We will be having a party to celebrate the 100th day of school on Friday February the 9th,  It would be great if you could help out by sending in 100 food items.  Please try to keep the choices healthy.


100 carrot sticks
100 celery sticks
50 carrot sticks, 50 celery sticks
100 goldfish
100 pieces of popcorn
50 pieces of cheese and 50 crackers
100 blueberries
100 raisins
100 pretzels
100 pieces of cereal

Thank you!

Happy New Year!

We made some New Year's Resolutions.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Happy December

Look who appeared in our classroom on

December 1st.  

This is Julie.  She is Mrs. Wegner's Elf on the  

Shelf.Julie is a magical Scout Elf.  Scout Elves 

help Santa manage his naught and nice lists by 

reporting back to him at the North Pole nightly.

December is a busy month filled with many fun and exciting activities.

This Week in Grade One

Monday December 4th *Candy Cane Grams begin today!
Candy Cane Grams are 25 cents each or 5 for 1.00.

Tuesday December 5th *Nutcracker Performance today 11:35am for Grades 1-3

Wednesday December 6th

Thursday December 7th

Friday December 8th *Waste Free Friday
                                                             Please try to send in a waste free lunch. 

Important Dates This Month

Tuesday December 19th - Primary Concert 9:15am and 6pm

Friday December 22nd - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

November 20 to November 24

This Week in Grade One

Monday November 20th *Bullying Awareness Week

Tuesday November 21st *Popcorn for sale

Wednesday November 22nd *RAINBOW COLOURS DAY

Thursday November 23rd

Friday November 24th *WACKY TACKY DAY

Thank you for the wonderful interviews. How nice to meet with you and discuss your child's progress and goals.

In Mathematics, we are working on addition. We will be learning how to solve problems involving the addition and subtraction of single-digit whole numbers to 20, using a variety of strategies (use counters, number lines, draw pictures, tallies....).

We will be practice using a variety of mental strategies such as, one more than, one less than, counting on, counting back, doubles).

This week we will be focusing on learning doubles.

Click here to hear the Doubles Rap.
Adding Doubles Rap

Try these games.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

November 13 to November 17

We had a lovely Remembrance Day  assembly
This is the wreath that we made for the assembly.

Poppy Art

Our Door

This Week in Grade One

Monday November 13           Library
                                           *Conferences begin today.

Tuesday November 14           *Popcorn Sales

Wednesday November 15        *Book Fair

Thursday November    16        *Conference Night
*Book Fair

Friday November 17                   P. A. Day   No school for children                  
*conferences in the am
*Book Fair in the am

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Busy October

We have been working on graphs (data management).  Above are some examples of surveys.  The students came up with a question and then collected answers from their classmates.  They recorded their results using tallies.

After creating this graph, we read the graph and described the results using comparative language.  More students chose Kit Kat than Smarties and Nibs.  Most students like Kit Kat.  Aero, Twizzler Pull and Peel, and Twizzler had the least.

Oh my!  Spiders have come to visit.  

Pumpkin Mania
                                                 Each student received a pumpkin to paint.

                                                  Then we carved cleaned out pumpkins.

Looking inside the pumpkin.

We took out all of the seeds.

                                            And then we counted them.

This is the pumpkin we carved for the Halloween Howler.

This Week in Grade One

Monday October 30th Library

Tuesday October 31st *HALLOWEEN
*Orange/Black/Purple Spirit Day
*Halloween Party

Wednesday November 1st

Thursday November 2nd

Friday November 3rd