Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sunday, June 4, 2017

June 5 to June 9

We had such an exciting week.  The eggs hatched.


We had 12 beautiful chicks!

Now the chicks are living on a farm.

What is Happening This Week

Monday June 5th

Tuesday June 6th *Book Fair 3-4:30pm

Wednesday June 7th *Book Fair 9-4:30pm

Thursday June 8th *Jersey Day!
*Book Fair 9-7pm
*CARNIVAL 5-7pm!!!

Friday June 9th PD DAY

Sunday, May 28, 2017

May 29th to June 2.

Exciting Events in Grade One

We have caterpillars!
At fist they are little.  They are sitting on a some food made with pollen.

                                                  The caterpillars eat and eat and eat.

                                          And now look how big they are!!!!

                                               Soon they will be forming into J's and making
                                               a cocoon.

We have eggs in the incubator.
They are due to hatch on Monday.

This Week in Grade One

Monday May 29th *Respect Assembly - by Ms. Murphy’s class - 1:45pm
Chicks begin to hatch (hopefully).

Tuesday May 30th *Carnival Basket items due today

Wednesday May 31st

Thursday June 1st

Friday June 2nd *Share Dance Flash Mob 9am

*Bright Colour Day
*Jump Rope for Heart today!

We are working on telling time.

Try these games: